The Pavilion Cafe serves up a delicious array of nutritious vegetarian food,a tasty selection of cakes and muffins and excellent fair trade coffee, herbal teas and fresh smoothies.

The setting is beautiful, as you eat, look out onto The Meadows and the trees through the different seasons. The food is either made fresh on the premises or sourced from local suppliers.  We really wanted to have a laid back, unassuming place that blended in with The Meadows and nature and that created a natural community space for all the many different people that use and enjoy The Meadows.

After a couple of years(!) of persuading the council that a cafe in the underused, vandalised pavilion was a good idea and that it would add to the attraction of The Meadows, they gave us the go ahead and since we have opened we have had nothing but positive feedback from everyone.

We hope that the cafe and the space around grows in an organic way, we already have a playgroup on Wednesday mornings which is very manic and busy and we have people asking all the time if they can play music. So far people just turn up with their instruments and jam but soon we hope to have a music session every sunday.

We are also aiming to run some workshops – drumming, working with leather, kids dance – , have on site Indian head massage and film nights.

Our opening times are 10-6 Tuesday to Saturday and 11-6 on a Sunday. We will close in the middle of Dec for winter as it’s just too cold but will re-open in the spring.

Any suggestions, ideas or questions you can e-mail us at pavilioncafeATvegemail.com


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